[messengers] Mailing list transition

Date: Thu Jan 07 15:55:37 2010
From: norbert <norbert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello everbody,

the transition of the messengers discussion list to its new place is
starting. First step was to subscribe everyone from former list to the
one at the new location. As some things are different, please do not
wonder. The new maintainer (me) will try to sort things out straight
and any remarks are welcome; do not hesitate to contact me.

In case you wondered, of course I just put everyone up to the test
list we had set up, I will sort that out. Murphy's law and one too
many open browser windows just hit me. Sorry for that. This is the
real thing.

The new list has its subscription page under


where you will also be able to unsubscribe and find the link where to
post to from now on: messengers at ifbma.org

The archives to the old list will be available under
http://ifbma.org/old-archives the new ones will be reworked this week
and most probably merged with old stuff. We all want one place to find

Shawn, who I want hereby express my big great "THANK YOU", was kind
enough to demand features that are useful, helped a great deal and
will continue to be available with advice. Everyone please note he did
a great job and gathered lots of experience that especially helped me
a great deal in getting this up.

He will change the old website soon and farewell via the old list to
remind everyone to get back at me who may face have mail delivery
problems subscription issues etc.

Welcome everyone and thanks to Shawn for all his work over the years
and now, Norbert