Re: [messengers] courier daz in tokyo

Date: Fri Jan 08 13:54:02 2010
From: Krzysztof Wierzbicki <goofywck@xxxxxxxxx>

heh what else to say? don't drink and ride...

On 2010-01-08, at 13:43, Mr. White wrote:

It's true,

He's back in Dublin now and back on the road. The reason we didn't
contribute to helping Tokyo financially is that his friends were getting
money together to help pay this woman.
He was in a cell for about 10 weeks, never allowed outside, got 30 minutes
in a room with a window each day.
The woman was paid about €8000, I think the messengers here raised just over
€2,000, not sure of the final figure.

Sure he's a fuck-up, but when has this industry not had its fair share of


2010/1/8 makatron <mikemacca@xxxxxxxxx>

for those who were in tokyo and were worried or curious about daz the irish guy who was running amok in tokyo, he spent about 10 weeks i think in a
or some kind of holding room before he received a sunspended sentence,
partly because he made a deal with the lady he hit.....

he came back to Melbourne for a few daze . . . . then ireland for someones

and he read something like 63 books .
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