Re: [messengers] (no subject)

Date: 10 Jan 2010 16:02:06 +0100
From: norbert <norbert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I think stuff gets mixed up: there was a message discarded from you
and that seemed empty. Since none of you guys usually remove quoted
text, the reply-all gets through.

Should you not have sent an empty message, please resend that to me
personally, so I get it without any filtering in place. The list
strips of some stuff because of security concerns.

Same for everyone else: In case of suspicion, please drop me a line.


On Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 3:23 PM, andy duncan <mcbstrd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hello ...
> ... if I "reply all" to the list address, it arrives. But if I send a new mail to the address it doesn't show. Do I have to resubscribe?