Re: [messengers] Dr. Roadrage!

Date: 11 Jan 2010 07:56:59 +0100
From: "andy duncan" <mcbstrd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Two remarks during the discussion of this struck me as particularly powerful. And further more general than the specifics of this incident.

The first from BoyleHeightser:

"I'm sad for the doc, but jail time for his crime is certainly in order.

"As for the judge's remark that this should serve as a wake-up call to all... I'm a bicycle commuter---I get my wake-up call every single morning on the road as motorists cut me off, yell and honk at me, and otherwise threaten my safety in their efforts to claim the road for themselves (despite the fact that our property taxes pay for street maintenance and that their driving is, therefore, disproportionate to their road use).

"I must also say that I differ with those who call for everybody's uncritical observance of traffic laws. These laws were designed to protect society from the danger posed by cars. It is crucial that motorists stop at red lights and stop signs in order to minimize their threat to people.

"But I don't think that cyclists or pedestrians should have to stop at, say, stop signs. Cyclists don't pose anywhere near the same threat to society that cars do and the cost of stopping is tremendously higher to a person on a bicycle than to somebody sitting in a car. If only bicycles existed on the road and cars had never been invented, the laws would be extremely different. Slowing down for pedestrians at various crossing points would suffice without incurring bicyclists that car-centric traffic laws do. It is simply unjust that bicyclists should have to pay the cost of obeying rules meant to keep cars from killing people. The laws should be revised and made to respond to the vastly different transport modes that cars and bicycles represent."

The second from Shredwood :

I don't understand the support for the doc. He may be a swell fellow, but he used his vehicle as a weapon, people were severely injured, and someone could have been killed. Whether he is your pal or not, he must face the consequences. I would be surprised if he ends up doing more than two years total, which is about the amount of time that the guy who killed my dad in a similar way (although by accident) ended up doing. It seems to that me he is getting off pretty easy. He should be thankful and face his punishment like a big boy. He will have plenty of time think about how civilized people should handle responsibilities like operating a motor vehicle. He is the victim only of his own reckless behavior. Just because someone flips you off, calls you names, makes you late, inconveniences you, makes faces at you, or hurts your feelings, you don't have the right to use violence. The doc should have learned this on the playground in grade school. Maybe, he can use the jail time to grow up a little.

Two potent points that we as professional street cyclists should shout from the rooftops until they are understood!

love and peace,


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The man they are calling Dr. Roadrage was sentenced today:

This is man they were talking about a couple of weeks ago on the former list!
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