[messengers] Delivering despite the elements

Date: 12 Jan 2010 14:08:53 +0100
From: Joe Hendry <messvilleto@xxxxxxxxx>

Delivering despite the elements



BBC, January 11, 2010


big freeze has led to treacherous conditions on many of the country's roads.


But among those who have been forced to brave the
conditions, bicycle courier Jonathan Prime, 41, a director of Coventry's Yellow Jersey Delivery, has
refused to let the snowfall and sub-zero temperatures keep him from delivering
on time.


We have been out delivering the whole time, but it has been
a bit like cycling on an ice rink at times. I've been like Ray Quinn - dancing
on ice.


We have had quite a lot of snow around Coventry, but it hasn't been as bad as other
places, and it is getting easier.


The main roads have been all right, the cars make tracks
through the ice and snow and we can cycle in the grooves.


But the side roads and estates are really icy, and even though
our customers are businesses a lot are based in residential areas.



It's more frustrating than anything else, you know how long
a route should take on a normal day and it ends up taking twice as long.


But I suppose it's better that I take it a bit slower than
usual and arrive in one piece.


This is our third winter since we started the company, and
this is definitely the coldest it's ever been.


We've got our yellow waterproofs, but staying warm isn't
really the problem when you're cycling, I'm more worried about sliding


I don't really mind the temperature, I'd prefer to be out
delivering in the cold than on a really hot day. You don't want to turn up at
customer's premises sweating like a pig.



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