Re: [messengers] Failed Bike Thief - How justice gets served

Date: Tue Jan 12 22:15:11 2010
From: Augustine Montes <augiem21@xxxxxxxxx>

fuck yes!

From: Joe <joeybrutal@xxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tue, January 12, 2010 11:17:10 AM
Subject: [messengers] Failed Bike Thief - How justice gets served

So here in L.A. yesterday afternoon, a fellow courier had her bike jacked.
Before she could do anything she received a call that her bike was in
another courier's possession a few blocks away. A couple couriers stripped
him to his boxers and socks and sent him on his way. They used his cell
phone to call "dad" from his contacts list and told him what happened. The
father replies, "That's what he gets, I'll deal with him when he gets
home..."  Find out the kid was only 17.  Bikers 1, Bike Thief 0.    Justice
has been served in L.A. today........  They tell the cops, "You'll notice
him, he's in his underwear and socks............ lol
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