Re: [messengers] FAILED THIEVES PART 2

Date: Wed Jan 13 02:40:00 2010
From: Augustine Montes <augiem21@xxxxxxxxx>

dude, this shit is awesome. keep the stories coming (if anyone is stupid enough to fuck around with you all like that, that is). 

From: Joe <joeybrutal@xxxxxxxxx>
To: messengers@xxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tue, January 12, 2010 7:05:45 PM
Subject: [messengers] FAILED THIEVES PART 2

On the same corner, same scenario, two more kids left DTLA with just their
undies, caught in the act, with nothing on em but allen keys and crescent
wrenches. The thieves even flagged a sheriff down who weren't interested in
helping them. They simply drove off. These kids were shitting in their
pants, especially when the group mode went off that two more failed thieves
were currently in custody.  Since they're too young to beat down, you might
as well strip them of their dignity.  bikers 3 thieves 0
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