Re: [messengers] Bikes in the LA news...

Date: Wed Jan 13 12:54:28 2010
From: Simon McKenzie <simonmck@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Oh dear. Now we are being hated by Fred Nile. At least that makes us mainstream for a change. And I can't believe he even talks to a bloke called Gay. He hates them.

Doddy, u very obsessed man, can u find out where and in what circumstances the hon Mr GAY (hee hee) got hit twice by couriers on pedestrian crossings, and how he identified the cyclists in question as couriers, if these fantastic events did actually occur.

And while you're at it, find out his daily schedule, so I can hit him when he jaywalks next

20 coopers in a night doesn't mean you're pissed. Oops, fell off the wagon

On 13/01/2010, at 8:27 PM, Michael Dodd wrote:

often run their handlebars along the sides of cars and hit the mirrors -