[messengers] Bullit riders!!

Date: 29 Jan 2010 09:42:36 +0100
From: paulus palmqvist <paulus.palmqvist@xxxxxxxxx>

Oi dawgz!

I´m getting old and swapping to cargo. I´ve got Bullit and I was just
wondering do any of you Bullit and cargo boys and girls have any issues that
I have to keep in mind with the machinery. The thing that pops on my mind
right now is the brakes. Right now the John Player has mechanical disc
brakes but feeling on the brakes aren´t that good and I think the distance
between levers and calipers is too long. Do I swap to brakes with fluids or
some other setup.

And also keep in mind that finnish weather conditions on autumn and spring
might be little harsh. Of course not talking about winter (which is sort of
normal compared last three years)

thx, paulus