[messengers] Chill-and-Go Alley cat

Date: 3 Feb 2010 11:52:34 +0100
From: nadir olivet <wooracer@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Wow guys you can't believe the kindness that the bike messengers had for us here in Mexico city. The CMWC Panajachel Guatemala 2010 is coming together. It is nice to know that everyone is excited to compete at the CMWC this september. Were are starting mocking up the figure eight. This has been and eventful weekend here in Mexico city.    They are planing a massive alley cat on August 28/2010 in Mexico city this will be the pre-event before the CMWC. There will also be a pre-event in judalarara on the 21th of August. Housing will be provided by Judalajarafixed.    Leaving mexico in the morning to Guatemala. Like to thank Austin, Lucas, Chuncks, Junction Joe and JP for coming to the race. Also Ely Hernandez from Mexicofixed for making this event possible.
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