Re: [messengers] Canadian non-competition clauses?

Date: Mon Feb 08 16:14:45 2010
From: Jace Brien <treebeard1722@xxxxxxxxx>

Those contracts usually don't hold up in cpourt in the states.  Has anyone
had experience with this?

On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 8:01 PM, Mark Loeppky <leposuction@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Happy Friday to all.
> On December 1st I was fired by the company I had been working for for the
> past 7 years due to irreconcilable differences between the dispatcher and
> myself. On account  of having nothing but positive relationships with
> former
> clients,  I had no trouble at all acquiring clients for Steel Horse
> Courier,
> the Company I started up over a year ago.
> long story short I am now being "sued" by Dasher Courier, under the
> umbrella
> of  Direct Integrated Transportation and Canada Cartage(although they have
> yet to actually contact legal council, and I have a waayyy to expensive
> lawyer). They want me to cease and desist.
> The contract I signed is illegal because:
> -It was signed with an opportunity to seek legal advice and signed under
> duress. (we were given 5 minutes to meet a guy in a pick up truck to sign
> the contract or else we would be fired immediately)
> -I never received a copy of the contract for myself.
> -Lots of ambiguities within the contract render the fucker invalid anyhow.
> If this has to go to trial, It may cost upwards of 15,000 beans in legal
> fees and court costs to save 7-8000 per year that I would bill the client.
> If anyone has ever gone indy and taken on their former employer under
> canadaian law, and can offer me some advice I would love to hear it. To all
> else, enjoy the weekend.
> -Lep
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