[messengers] CMWC / Cameras

Date: 8 Feb 2010 23:27:50 +0100
From: Lucas Brunelle <speedxc@xxxxxxxxx>

Videographers and Photographers,

I attempted to bring seven cameras into Guatemala (five video, two digital) and the airport had to hold my two largest cameras.

I made it out with five cameras only because security got a good laugh at one of my vids.
Getting five was like pulling teeth and I was very very nice.

Nadir got the other two back for me despite him being busy as hell.  He’ll have no time for this during CMWC so here you are:

1) Spread the cameras out amongst others in your group
2) Get a permit to use the camera which is a costly process and takes a week
3) Pay 28% tax on the value

There are two line items you MUST look out for under “items a traveler may bring into the country tax exempted”:

Item 1:2 Image recording device, a photographic camera, a cinematographic camera, a device of recording and reproduction of sound, and its accessories, up to six film reels and magnetic tape for each one; a broadcasting receiver, a television receiver, a prismatic binocular, all portable.

Item 1.4 Five hudred grams of elaborated tobacco, five liters of wine, brandy or liquor and up to two kilograms of candies.

The bike, two laptops, sound and lighting, and normal travel stuff was no problem