Re: [messengers] UK Teen Driver Tries to Kill Cyclist, Who Turns Out to be a Police Officer. Oops.

Date: 12 Feb 2010 21:14:28 +0100
From: Kirk Dungan <happycourier13@xxxxxxxxx>

I'm with you on that. If he pulled that shit with an Anchorage cop he most likely would have gotten a .40 caliber spanking. Heck a few civilian cyclist up here are packing. "He said. 'I'm going to kill you' that's when I shot him."

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assault with a deadly weapon and this little shit doesn't even get
jail-time......he's not even a minor .......... I'm utterly flaberghasted
......I'd like 5minutes alone that asshole

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> Road Rage Karma, Baby
> Road rage can be dangerous, especially if the out-of-control driver decides
> to chase you and you're on on a bicycle. This is exactly what happened to
> Martin Melvin in Burnley, UK: He was going home on his bike after finishing
> work for the day when Benjamin Harrison, 18, pulled alongside him, sounded
> his horn and began to shout loudly: "Get off the road. I will run you off
> the road. I will kill you. Get off the road." True to his word, he actually
> tried to run him off the road and kill him...
> Nine times he almost mowed down DI Melvin, aiming for him on the pavement,
> striking his handle-bars, forcing him off his bike into trees, threatening
> to kill him and hurling stones and coins at him. [...] The victim had no
> escape route and had no choice but to continue his journey on the almost
> deserted road," reported the Lancashire Telegraph.
> But my question is, where did he find the stones? Was he carrying stones in
> his car just for the purpose of throwing at cyclists?
> Surprise Ending
> But the best part about this story is that the victim, Martin Melvin, is a
> police officer (detective inspector, to be precise). He made a note of his
> aggressor's license plate, who was later arrested.
> At his parents' home, the teen driver asked the police officers who were
> arresting him: "Can I not just apologise?" Mmm, no.
> Guess Not
> The judge said that Mr Melvin was a "bit of an unfortunate choice of
> victim"
> and "gave him nine months in jail, suspended for two years, with 12 months
> supervision and 100 hours unpaid work. He was banned from driving for two
> years and must pay £750 costs." He was lucky to get a suspended sentence
> and
> stay out of jail.
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