[messengers] A Different Sound

Date: 13 Feb 2010 01:15:15 +0100
From: Cowboy49x14@xxxxxxx

 I'm on a cultural journey through sound and if need some more Intl. 
flavor:+) If you can think of some stuff that you suspect american's don't get 
exposed to I'd like to hear it so please send me names and album titles:+) I 
just got Jorge Ben's first album from 1969 and its brilliant. I recall a ride 
through Berlin with my Brasillian counterpart and the enthusiasm with which 
he spoke of Jorge Ben's music. If you haven't heard of Jorge Ben check it 
If you want some good loner/adventurer/love em and leave em type stuff 
Waylon Jennings Kicks ASS and a Friday without Bachman Turner Overdrive >
sucks!!!   I'm getting my Freeday groove on and I hope your doing the same