Re: [messengers] CMWC update

Date: 28 Feb 2010 19:27:53 +0100
From: Kamaal Onderwijzer <kamaal_88@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I think someone has definately smoked too much. You still there comandante? How did that Tsunami hit there?


Op 28 feb 2010 om 16:08 heeft nadir olivet <wooracer@xxxxxxxxxxx> het volgende geschreven:\

WOW what asses some of you are!!!! The First Phase in Building La Ocho Is scaling the track. Checking distances studying the ground pricing materials and to give back the feed back to the engineers, mathematicians and physicists to approve it. I places those photos to let you know the scale. I have the rest of the photos that show height length and scale. This are for us to see everything before we build it. When those photos were taken was when we had broken down the track. Its funny that everyone has a comment but they know nothing about nothing. By next week I will make a decision about the building of the track. This will be based on registration. I don't need to build the track for a couple of people. If the track gets cancelled then I am building the track in Mexico city for non messengers that want to race it. I have nothing to prove to nobody. If you know me I will do it. I have not posted the other photos of the banking and the track because we have to meet with the crew of the CMWC to check everything. Yesterday, I received a second chance at life. I broke the long board that I was using while surfing 10 foot swells and was pulled out to sea. I thought that is it for me. I saw my life flash in-front of my eyes. When a masked Surfer showed up to my rescue. I could not believe that I had been saved by a surfer in a lucha libre mask. I could not believe that I was still alive. I went looking for him and found him at his home talking to the electricity people that were about to cut the electricity in his home for $60usd. I payed the bill for his family and invited him to join me for lunch. We talked and drank for hours then he introduced me to all his friends and family. I own my life to this masked man. We ended drinking all night to celebrate my so called rebirth. I thank you TECO for saving my life!!!! So to you that are constantly complaining and criticizing others take a look at your life and do something nice for others. Peace
Nadir AKA. Commandante Zero
ps. getting ready for the Tsunami that its about to hit the coast of El Salvador around 11am!!!!
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