Re: [messengers] CMWC Update!

Date: 15 Mar 2010 03:25:23 +0100
From: alain warchilde <warchilde@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Allright! Free cell phones! I'm registering twice  now so I can eBay one " real live messenger cell as used in cmwc"!

> From: az@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> To: messengers@xxxxxxxxx
> Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 10:39:51 -0500
> Subject: [messengers] CMWC Update!
> Hola Amigos!
> Work on the upcoming CMWC is in full swing, and I’m pleased to report that we’ve made some significant progress in the last few weeks. Nadir has just returned from his month long recon mission to Guatemala with lots of good news.
> La Ocho is on! The track was mocked up on the soccer field where it will be built, and everything fits (see picture on the CMWC home page). There was some concern, but just to be clear, the mock up was just in 2D for scaling purposes. The final plans still include a bridge across the middle, and banked turns on both ends. We are still hoping to source a set of matching bikes, in various sizes, for everyone to ride on the track, but for now at least, it remains open to whatever you want to ride. If anyone out there has a dozen or so matching bikes, holler at me.
> Nadir was also able to catalog about 20 hotels that agreed to provide CMWC participants with significant discounts. There is going to be ample room for everyone, and the housing situation is looking real good. Just for example, I’m personally looking at booking a single room for myself, and I’m seeing really nice stuff for as little as $120 - $150 per month. Yes, per month. We are currently working on organizing all of this information, along with tons of other useful travel tips to be posted on the CMWC site.
> After much delay, our new online registration form is finally up and running! We apologize for the complete sucky-ness of the old form, and will be contacting everybody already registered to collect a few additional pieces of information, not on the old form. The new form allows you to register without having to login or create a user account (you still have to do that if you want to post to our blog page, and eventually to our photo/video gallery pages). It is pretty straight forward, but just to be clear, we are only accepting paid registrations. Unless you click the pay button, your registration form will not go through. Coming very soon, will be a viewable list of registered competitors. As of now, that list is disappointingly short. I am hoping that along with the improvements we made, and a few planned registration incentives, that will change.
> Registration incentives: We need people to register! The fact of the matter is that the CMWC has always primarily been funded by the money generated from registration. The dilemma is always how to get people to register early enough so that the organizers have the money they need before the event, when it is most needed. With that in mind, please note that the early registration price of $80 goes up to $100 on April 15th and again to $120 on August 15th. A couple of ideas we are floating around is holding a series of raffles for early registrants, and the chance to customize the hand made mussette bag your race packet will be coming in. The details are not yet finalized, but basically we are planning to raffle off 3 messenger bags, the earlier you register, the more chances you will have to win one of the bags. Stay tuned! As the mussette bags are being hand sewn for us in Guatemala, we will be offering early registrants the opportunity to customize their bags with their race
> r number and perhaps even their name (if it fits). We’ll have to determine what the cut-off dates for that will be, as well as for inclusion in the phone directory (all racers will get a pre-paid mobile phone with registration that not only will keep everyone connected, but will also be used during the Main Race). 
> We also have some detailed maps of Pana provided by the city, that we will be posting to give everyone an idea of the scale of the city and where the events and race courses will be. 
> So that's it for now. Register early, and keep an eye on the CMWC website for lots of new info coming real soon.
> Can't wait to see you all in Guatemala! 174 days and counting.
> --
> AZ
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