Re: [messengers] A great pro cycling story on main streamtelevision.

Date: 16 Mar 2010 08:36:01 +0100
From: "yogi at" <yogi@xxxxxxxxxx>

One thing I noticed was the cabbie saying .. 'look at that bike rider on the
wrong side of the white lines AND overtaking on the wrong side of the
road'.. when later the cabbie did exactly the same to stop just up the road
a bit ...

If you really looked, it was far LESS wrong than a lot of other bike stories
of late. Also it was about cyclists in general not bike couriers by default.

It seems that the rank and file are being told... 'Bikes are ok' and not
worth killing as you run em over on your massive adventure to the next red.

If anything they could have included the dancing bear.

As bike riders we know that drivers act selfish but this is a follow up on
"ARE SYDNEY DRIVERS the most aggressive towards cyclists, in the world"?


It is no wonder 60 minutes followed it up ... with the normal amount of
"don't piss of the driver majority" in mind I presume.


Julian 'Yogi' Somosi

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Mark said.
"This video is like so much of the crap you see on TV."
Yep i agree, but 60minutes has been around for years and its here to stay so
i don't think we have any other choice but to accept that their is going to
be more either pro cycling or anti cycling stories. .

"How about addressing road modifications to accommodate all traffic?"
Didn't they address "road modifications to accomodate all traffic" by going
to Amsterdam and pointing out the differences?

Problem we have here in Aussieland is that we are trying to modify our roads
to accomodate cyclists but its going to take a long time.  Rome wasn't built
in a day, the same goes for making cities cycle friendly. We also have a
geographical issue of our large country being isolated and spread out.

In the meantime Less time consuming and cheaper changes like Introducing a
Vulnerable Road Users legislation would instantly put the responsibility on
the person that drives the more dangerous vehicle.

-Pedestrians have right of way over cyclists and motorvehicles.
-Cyclists have right of way over motor vehicles.

Yes the moon walking bear is a great video, i'm not sure if the producers of
60minutes would allow playing repeats of a moon walking bear to fill in a
15minute segment.

I have genuine belief that stories like this are a process. Hopefully they
only get better and it puts an end to the completely anticycling stories
that have been happening over the years.

On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 10:22 AM, <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm waiting for the video that suggests that all pedestrians should have a
> license to cross the street to show how silly a bike registration law
> be. It could have footage of jay-walkers and other pedestrians risking
> necks to cross the street.
> This video is like so much of the crap you see on TV. Very negative and
> extreme on both sides of the issue. I think the moon walking bear was a
> better video to get rider safety across to drivers. How about addressing
> road modifications to accommodate all traffic? Wouldn't that be more
> productive?  But I guess it is far easier to be a critic that an advocate,
> or a producer of a pro cycling story. I would like to see a follow up
> discussing what is being done to help with the gridlock and the fact that
> more cyclists might actually help ease the traffic situation.
> Why is it that most of the people that hate bikers are fat?
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> streamtelevision.
>  I think its a case of one  thing at a time.
>> It wasn't perfect, it definitely missed a few things but it will get a
>> reaction and it leaves things open for stories like this in the future.
>> Stories like this from different angles would be sweet as.
>> That driving "safety expert"  who was pro registration has his own
>> website... its funny.
>> *"A well respected motivational speaker, Ian Luff links the similarities
>> of
>> smart driving and smart business practices which is the key to winning
>> steering your level of performance to greater success. His black and
>> approach to achieving success is highly thought provoking and
>> inspirational."*
>> On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 11:16 PM, Simon McKenzie <mckfrenzy@xxxxxxxxx
>> >wrote:
>>  Ya think.?
>>> I didn't like it so much. Don't think it does anything to soften the
>>> cycling sentiment in Sydney, even if that was the intention.
>>> Sure it might open a few ppls eyes to what other cities do (or rather
>>> Amsterdam in particular), But Amsterdam aint a city full of redneck
>>> in
>>> V8's, and, let's face it, that's who watches 60 minutes.
>>> They tried hard to be sure, and it was pro cycling, but they got the
>>> angle
>>> all wrong
>>> My 2 cents
>>> Shifty
>>> On 15/03/2010, at 10:47 PM, Michael Dodd wrote:
>>>  They still pretty much called urban cyclists idiots and filmed some
>>> sydney
>>>> messengers but its still a great story...
>>>> Selling Vulnerable Road Users legislation to the masses.
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