[messengers] Easter Week-end

Date: 22 Mar 2010 20:40:52 +0100
From: C Q <fixieman@xxxxxxxxx>

Hey there folks

There's gonna be some trouble a brewing in Montreal, this Easter week-end

Mark it down on your calendars

There will be an Alleycat Race Saturday night, and another bigger event on
Plus the Usual Thursday, friday nights at Foufounes and beyond...
And all of the Cheap Booze, food, fun and excitement Montreal has to offer
Sunday should be another good party night for those of you not running home

I've already got people coming in From Halifax, and Calgary, so get your
asses up here. Come enjoy the warmth Montreal has to offer
From what I hear people are arriving as of Thursday night so git yo ass on

Lemme know who's coming so we can be ready to accommodate you all

Come on Now
NYC, Philly and Boston are a stone's throw away
Ottawa has no excuse, and Toronto will be expected

It's a long Week-end folks come on up...