Re: [messengers] Easter Week-end

Date: 22 Mar 2010 21:26:46 +0100
From: C Q <fixieman@xxxxxxxxx>

Oh and I forgot to Mention

Jello Biafra is playing on Friday Night! only 18 bucks


On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 3:40 PM, C Q <fixieman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hey there folks
> There's gonna be some trouble a brewing in Montreal, this Easter week-end
> Mark it down on your calendars
> There will be an Alleycat Race Saturday night, and another bigger event on
> Sunday
> Plus the Usual Thursday, friday nights at Foufounes and beyond...
> And all of the Cheap Booze, food, fun and excitement Montreal has to offer
> Sunday should be another good party night for those of you not running home
> scared
> I've already got people coming in From Halifax, and Calgary, so get your
> asses up here. Come enjoy the warmth Montreal has to offer
> From what I hear people are arriving as of Thursday night so git yo ass on
> up
> Lemme know who's coming so we can be ready to accommodate you all
> Come on Now
> NYC, Philly and Boston are a stone's throw away
> Ottawa has no excuse, and Toronto will be expected
> It's a long Week-end folks come on up...
> Chuck