[messengers] CMWC Update

Date: 30 Mar 2010 22:42:39 +0200
From: Andy Zalan <az@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hola amigos!
Just a reminder, April 15th is not only tax day in the US, but also the last
day before CMWC registration goes up to $100.
We really need people to register early, as our bills continue to mount and
sponsors dollars are few and far between.
To help make your decision easier, we are announcing the first of what will
hopefully be many CMWC raffles; on April 15th, everyone registered for the
CMWC (as a guest or participant) will be entered in a drawing for a chance
to win a brand new Ultimate OS messenger bag from Pac Bags, valued at $380.
We have plans to raffle off at least 2 more bags from our sponsors later on,
and if all goes well, we hope to have lots of other goodies to give away in
the weeks and months to come.
We will announce the winner of the Pac Bag on April 16th, and stay tuned for
details about future raffles. In any case, the earlier you register, the
more chances you will have to win something, and as of today, with fewer
than 20 people registered, your chances are pretty good.
T minus 156 days and counting.