Re: [messengers] ACMC Results

Date: 8 Apr 2010 05:11:46 +0200
From: Leah <torontocouriergirl@xxxxxxxxx>

Thanks soooo much to everyone that put in all the hard work to make this an incredible event! I have had so much fun here in Sydney. 
Really, really great job guys!!

Videos of the epic sewer battles will be up on fb as soon as I get home. :) 


On 06/04/2010, at 6:09 PM, Simon McKenzie <mckfrenzy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

What a bloody awesome weekend.
Thanks to everyone who turned up to support the event and thanks to all our fantastic sponsors.

Overall winner: Brian (MEL) for the 3rd year in a row
Second: Lane (MEL)
Third: Jarrah (SYD)
1st Girl, Lily (USA)

Mainrace winner: Brian, 2nd Paddy (SYD), 3rd Lane
Alleycat winners, Lane, Brian and Jarrah

Footdown winner :Nate (BRI) 2nd Prettyboy (ULL)
Trackstand: 1st Brian, 2nd Jarrah
Kwik Lok: 1st Plunkett (SYD), 2nd Lane
Slow Race, 1st Jarrah, 2nd Mike (SYD)
Sprints, 1st Jarrah, 2nd Simon (PER)

Poker race best hand Vince (ZUR)
Texas Twins, 1st Brian and Smokin Joe, 2nd Lane and Shifty
State vs State results, 1st MELBOURNE, 2nd SYDNEY, 3rd BRISBANE

Special mentions to Plunkett for coming fourth overall after a few months in the game, and Declan from Brisbane for his 4th in the main race at his first event of this kind (And for making me call an ambulance after he got a bee sting)

And an extra special mention to Pig Fucker (formally known as Locky) who lost his name for a year in a Lock off against Lachie from Melbourne. Thanks for being such a good sport mate

I think that's about it

Ride Safe


Photos should be up soon at
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