Re: [messengers] to support or not to support

Date: 10 Apr 2010 15:32:33 +0200
From: "Joel Metz" <magpie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

sorry, but i just cant agree with you there.

the instant perzeus chased the car down, got all smashy on the windshield
and beat the crap out of the driver, he lost my support and sympathy,
REGARDLESS of what precipitated the incident.

had the situation been flipped, and perzeus has clipped the car, then been
chased down by the driver, knocked off his bike and beaten up, you know
what wed sll be thinking - and we would be justified in it. the blatant
double standard being proposed here is BULLSHIT.

someone being a messenger, part of the community, is NOT a free pass for
this kind of reaction.


> I have been clipped numerous times and hit and hospitalized three times in
> thirty five years...I fully advocate a show of support and solidarity. The
> lone cyclist is a target for any cage jockey with a bad attitude. Road
> rage focuses on the easy target. had perzeus not had eye witnesses
> mohammed would have pressed charges. And even though the charges are
> "minimal" Perzeus will still have lost wages and is susceptible to civil
> charges for the damage done. The last time I was hit was not an accident,
> the asswipe very deliberately clipped me while cursing me through a
> partially open window. had my wheel not been rendered unridable I would
> certainly have tried to run him down and 'zeus his dumb ass. A show of
> solidarity is in vote
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