[messengers] CMWC 2010

Date: 27 Apr 2010 23:10:06 +0200
From: "Andy" <az@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello again,

Just a couple of CMWC reminders;

1. Registration for CMWC will go up from $80 to $100 VERY SOON. I'm totally serious. Register now!

2. On May 1st, in an attempt to get you (yes, YOU) to register early, we will be giving away a dope-ass messenger bag from R.E.Load, valued at $325. Be registered as a racer or guest before May 1st to be entered in the drawing. See the beautiful, custom bag Roland made at: http://www.cmwcguatemala.com/content/cmwc-registration-raffle-round-2

3. Round 3 of the registration raffle goes down May 16th, and up for grabs is a custom CMWC bag by Bagaboo. Same thing applies, be registered before the 16th for your chance to win!

4. For a limited time only, starting now, Nadir's shop, La Carrera Cycles in Toronto, will be accepting in-person CMWC registrations at the early registration price of $80. The beauty is, that anyone who registers there during this promotion will get free coffee for a month! That's right. So stop giving Star@ucks and Paypal your hard-earned money. Give it to us instead! Or, if you prefer, Nadir can sell you a month's worth of coffee, and throw in a free CMWC registration. You're choice. Either way it's a great deal.

5. Look for me at the upcoming Maypril Fool's race in Philly (http://www.reloadbags.com/ for more info), and then in Budapest for the ECMC. I'll be available there to take in person registrations for the early reg. fee of $80.