[messengers] ECMC2010 budapst newa

Date: 3 May 2010 10:40:06 +0200
From: sinya <sinya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear participant!

Thank you for registering to the ECMC 2010!

There are only 3 weeks before the next grandiose messenger event. We are
about to finish organizing the event, everything is going on the right way.
We are ready to host all the messengers who are going to show up in Budapest
and make the weekend unforgettable for everybody.

If you haven't seen that in the last couple of weeks, please recheck the
website to find new information. There are some links to help:

* Housing:

We are going to provide housing on Saturday and Sunday nights in Csepel, if
you come before or leave after, or you prefer a better place to sleep you
have to organize it for yourself.

More details and some help on the website:


* Art show:

We can use a huge industrial building for the Art show, if you want to show
something to the community, let us know!

Read more:

* Payment info:

If you have already registered and haven't paid yet, do so! Save €10 with
the early registration discount. Please don't forget to transfer the
registration fee before 1 May for the €50 discount price (a couple of days
delay won't be a problem, we accept it till 5 May), then it will be €60.

You can find the payment details here:


* Pre event

If you consider it seriously, there will be a pre event in Vienna a week
before the European. Then they will ride to Budapest in a group.

More info:


* Ride to BP

A bunch of people are riding from Copenhagen down to the ECMC in Budapest,
starting on 7 May.

Check the website:


* Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors for supporting us, without them we couldn't have made
things so cool. If you know anybody who would like to support the ECMC 2010
let them know, we are more than happy to see new logos at the sponsors' page
and give more stuff to the participants and of course to the winners as


* Help us to promote:

You may download, print and share our poster and invite your friends to come
even if he/she is an old professional or a young rookie or a fakenger:).


Hope you can find all the informations you need, but if you still have any
questions don't hesitate to contact us:


See you all in Budapest!

The ECMC 2010 Crew