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Date: 5 May 2010 03:38:04 +0200
From: "Yogi @ sydbma" <yogi@xxxxxxxxxx>

ANOTHER BAG... How many bags have you won this year?

This one looks really nice too

U lucky lucky Bastard.

Err, good job Baz...

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SHIT YEAH!!  Thanks.  Thats a cool way to wake up on a Wednesday morning.
Safa Brian

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Greetings again,

Thanks to everyone who has registered so far for the CMWC! It is so
important for us to get early registrations, we really appreciate your
support. Round 2 of our registration raffle is history. Who won the sweet
bag from RELoad? Check it out here:

With all this cool stuff to win, how can you get in on the action, you ask
yourself? All you have to do to be eligible for the CMWC raffles is to get
registered! On May 16th we raffle off a custom CMWC bag from Bagaboo, and
not to be outdone, Andy from Trash Bags has come on board to also make us a
custom CMWC bag that we will raffle off on June 1st. If just the chance at
winning one of these amazing, one-of-a-kind messenger bags is not enough, we
have again extended early registration, now through May 15th. May 16th, CMWC
registration goes up to $100. For real.

However, we will be hosting a number of in-person registration opportunities
where it will still be possible to register for $80. Find me at the upcoming
Maypril Fool's Alleycat race in Philadelphia on May 15th, and then at the
ECMC in Budapest the following week, and I'll get you registered on the
cheap. Also, if you are in Toronto, La Carrera Cycles (106 Harbord Street)
can get you signed up, and through May 15th is offering free coffee for a
month with your paid registration. You can't beat that!

See you in Pana. The fun starts in 121 days.
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