[messengers] Seized Pedal Removal> Bueller Bueller?

Date: 7 May 2010 01:59:36 +0200
From: Cowboy49x14@xxxxxxx

I was contemplating a pedal change-up and when unsuccessful I went to shop 
and they busted out the Steel pipe for leverage w/o success. I have 
considered the Drill method but my cranks are Campy Record Pista 05' and sadly 
pedals are Campy too. The soles of my feet have a concave groove as do several 
pairs of shoes from the groove of the pedals which is why I'm ditching the 
Logic would dictate buying new shoes but I've killed 4 pairs not realising 
that Beavis (moi) needs new pedals ugh ughhh ughhhh huhhh huhhhh huhhhh 
uugghhh >not shoes. Please Enlighten me with your vast and infinite wisdom 
imagination suggestions and anything interesting or worth hearing on the subject> 
even a story with a happy ending:+)   Thanks for your ears etc. and cool