Re: [messengers] Seized Pedal Removal> Bueller Bueller?

Date: 8 May 2010 15:06:41 +0200
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You can also use a hair dryer on the crank and blast a co2 cartridge on the pedal axle. Easier and safer then the torch and you still get the expansion-contraction action with less risk of damage to the metal.
Good luck.

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get some penetrating machine oil, douse, and then use the pipe but whack it gentley with a rubber mallet.

i wouldn't use a blowtorch... too much heat can make metal brittle.

On Fri, May 07, 2010 at 12:04:40PM -0500, Mark Loeppky wrote:
I would suggest soaking the pedals in wd40 or something of the like, from
the back where the releasing agent can pool for a week. then put the cranks in a vice and use a blow torch to heat up the cranks but not the pedals if you can help it. the heat will expand the metal on the crank arm. then you can use a fancy metal bar added to the end of you pedal wrench for leverage. I did this with some pedals seized in to my campy pista cranks and it worked great and no damage occurred to either the pedals or the cranks. good luck

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> I was contemplating a pedal change-up and when unsuccessful I went to > shop
> and they busted out the Steel pipe for leverage w/o success. I have
> considered the Drill method but my cranks are Campy Record Pista 05' > and
> sadly
> pedals are Campy too. The soles of my feet have a concave groove as do
> several
> pairs of shoes from the groove of the pedals which is why I'm ditching > the
> Campy's.
> Logic would dictate buying new shoes but I've killed 4 pairs not > realising
> that Beavis (moi) needs new pedals ugh ughhh ughhhh huhhh huhhhh huhhhh
> uugghhh >not shoes. Please Enlighten me with your vast and infinite > wisdom > imagination suggestions and anything interesting or worth hearing on > the
> subject>
> even a story with a happy ending:+) Thanks for your ears etc. and > cool
> breeze.....
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