[messengers] Europe next month!

Date: 11 May 2010 06:58:31 +0200
From: cassandra castillo <cassettetapes@xxxxxxxxxxx>

hey everyone, 

i was planning on coming over for the ecmc with my friend addison but it turns out that the volcano fucked up airline prices right before i bought my ticket. 

So instead of paying the extra 500 for a ticket for ecmc, i'm going to spend that buying you all beer wherever i might see you.

We're flying in and out of london and spending about three weeks in the country. Other than hitting up stockholm for a couple days, i have the rest of the time free... Where else should we go? thinking about barcelona, dublin, amsterdam, or coppenhaggen... can i sleep in your bed? can i make you breakfast? Seriously, I would rather buy you snuff and booze than give money to a hostel. Lemme know whats up. Pretty stoked! 

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