[messengers] CMWC Final Reminder

Date: 12 May 2010 22:20:49 +0200
From: "Andy" <az@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hey everybody!
This is your final reminder that CMWC registration goes up from $80 to $100 this Saturday night at exactly midnight Eastern Standard Time. This is also the cut-off time to be eligible for round 3 of our registration raffle. Up for grabs this time is this very exclusive, custom bag from our sponsor, Bagaboo Bags: http://www.cmwcguatemala.com/content/registration-raffle-round-3
We are also very pleased to announce that we will be extending our raffle series to include at least 3 more bags! June 1st we will give away a custom bag from our friends at Trash Bags, followed by a bag from Seagull Bags on June 16th, and one from Under the Weather on July 1st.
So get registered, help support the CMWC, and if you're lucky, win yourself a sweet messenger bag.
113 days and counting...
Muchos gracias!