[messengers] 100 Day Media Release

Date: 26 May 2010 07:39:50 +0200
From: Biker Bill <zxmessenger@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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“It’s more than an adventure, it’s a job!”
May 25, 2010, for immediate release:
100 Days until the opening celebrations of the Cycle Messenger World Championships taking place this September in Panajachel Guatemala.
Already Messengers from around the world have begun to register and the list of Competing Cities is growing.  The excitement is only beginning as the build up to this year’s Cycle Messenger World Championships, but the 100 day countdown has begun.
The annual Cycle Messenger World Championships has a long tradition as a yearly pilgrimage for Bike Messengers around the world. The sub culture of the messengers has often been highlighted and at times even eclipsed in pop culture, movies, TV, Fashion, Magazine, Sports, Commerce, Music and all have editorialized the immense pressures of their time sensitive vocation and helped to maximize their edge as a profession and a person. It’s more than an adventure, it’s a job!
Panajachel Guatemala will set the back drop for the intense sporting competitions set up to determine who our next World Champions will be. Competitions such as Bike Polo, Freestyle, Sprints, Skids, Cargo Race, a figure eight outdoor velodrome, and the toughest competition of all “The Main Event”.
The CMWC as it is known, is not only filled with all sorts of competitions, testing skills conducive to the job, it is also a heart warming tale of a true global community, with friends coming together to embrace in a courier family reunion, and budding new friendships for those brave competitors participating for the first time. All that are attending will tell you, there is nothing that compares, as far as pinnacle achievements for a professional bicycle messenger than to earn the title of World Champion. For many others it is about the adventures of just being part of it all.
We would like to share their stories with you, contact us and we will put you in touch with one of your local messengers, and help to add something very unique to your portfolio/ program/ or magazine. This event is being hosted and built by messengers for messengers and presented to the world in this format only once a year. 
Make plans now to attend the 18th Annual CYCLE MESSENGER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS and be in Panajachel, Guatemala from September 3rd to 13th, 2010 to catch all the festivities of this year’s adrenaline infused CMWC. 
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