Re: [messengers] ecmc 2010 Budapest

Date: 28 May 2010 12:37:29 +0200
From: fishmeisterasd@xxxxxxxxx

we have been talking about it alot on the racecoarse... best site and the best atmosphere untill now!

thanks buppa, sinya and nicos, wish i had 3 clones to do it all... could have stayed longer and explore the city... and hang out with you guys a bit more. budapest rocks!

the big black bus will be back some day!

looking forward to madrid next year!

sorry about the pitchblack news about christian.

hatti, give us a call when you read this!!!

Op schreef sinya <sinya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hattara in da Budapest's house... ;)

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From: mikael szafirowski mikael.szafirowski@xxxxxxxxx>

Date: 2010/5/28

Subject: Re: [messengers] ecmc 2010 Budapest

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Much love to all the organisers and everybody who showed up! Fucking

excellent event!



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