[messengers] Muppet League : British and Irish Cycle courier community blog and forum.

Date: 31 May 2010 14:33:10 +0200
From: Muppet League <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Muppet League is back....but it's different.


The Muppet League intends to be a community blog and forum for British and
Irish cycle couriers and ex couriers to post their stories, news and results
and plug their events, parties, blogs, photos and cottage industries. Anyone
can register and if you want to post to the main site just request "Author"
status by emailing info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We're hoping the site will support the National scene in the UK and bring
all couriers and ex-couriers together in one place. We also have a forum,
sign up now to secure your preferred username / call sign!

The Muppet League.

History: the Muppet League was once a notorious courier forum, renowned for
trash talking and especially profanities, it was eventually sut down by the
host for the excessive use of foul language.....