[messengers] CMWC Guatemala 2010

Date: 1 Jun 2010 23:06:26 +0200
From: nadir olivet <wooracer@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hey Guys
    Last night we had a long meeting discussing the CMWC in Guatemala. One of the main discussions is canceling the Figure eight track. This upsets me because I never give up. My store La Carrera cycles is funding this event and Also the CMWC. I have thrown so much money and time into making this happen and only 19 messengers have registered. This fucking sucks!!!! But one thing is for sure La Ocho will be built and I will fill all the spots with my friends that are racers and are not pussies. I keep saying I need racers not tree huggers.     Volcanos, earthquakes, hurricanes will not stop me or my crew. I hate people that give up and are constantly criticizing others. If you are that person then stay home and cry to your MAMA. I figured yesterday night while a lay in bed being angry and sad for the people of Guatemala that I can't give up!!! If there is only 100 of us at the event. The one hundred Guatemalans that will be racing will make this event special some so poor that they race bare footed.     Also, please do not nominate me for the Marcus Cook award. I know that if Marcus was still alive he would be with me shoulder to shoulder making sure that CMWC Guatemala was successful. Thank you.
Ps. AZ, Biker Bill, Corrine, Yogi, Manting and Bega. Thanks for being in my corner. If you want to see what we are facing check this out. I will be heading to Guatemala next week to see what I can do for the people of Panajachel.
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