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Date: 9 Jun 2010 13:47:55 +0200
From: sinya <sinya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

all right!
i am forwarding the letters to Kole and 9.81

thanks the reactions

2010/6/9 Alias Johnson <aliasjhnsn@xxxxxxxxx>

> I would like to support Fish's point on this. As an "old guy" and from the
> "Deep South" I am old enough to remember when "NASCAR" was a local Saturday
> night  dirt track phenomena where the guys who ran illegal whiskey for a
> living got together to see who had the fastest ride that could still be
> whipped around a track without flying apart... Now we see where the
> "corporate sponsorship" has taken that sport! What was once a "renegade"
> cultural phenome has left its roots and become the commercial monster that
> NASCAR is today... that happened in my short lifetime!( and I am still
> kicking hopefully for a long time to come!).I don't think cousin "Jr" would
> have seen it coming!
>   A little closer to home is the "Tour de France" ... remember the pics of
> the hardcore standing  straddling their bikes smoking cigarettes? Do you see
> any corporate logos?
> Once you have corporate sponsorship they OWN your sport...!
>   Even closer to home... I well remember when alleycats were organized
> impromptu.. as in RIGHT NOW... put your money where your mouth is...a race
> to the next bar where the worst loser buys a round for the pack...
>    No lawyers, insurance disclaimers...police barricades
> Slippery slope ahead...
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