[messengers] Fwd: CMWC Guatemala 2010

Date: 9 Jun 2010 18:28:06 +0200
From: Andrew Nordyke <anordy1@xxxxxxxxx>

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From: Andrew Nordyke <anordy1@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 11:26 AM
Subject: Re: [messengers] CMWC Guatemala 2010
To: Julio Saravia <saravia.julio@xxxxxxxxx>

well let me just say that i am an enormous procrastinator, but i have been
excited about racing on la ocho ever since i heard about it!  But of course
i havent registered yet...  I'm hoping there are many more in my same
situation.  I'll be taking out my rickshaw this weekend, and hopefully i can
get you the registration money next week.  Nadir, what you guys are doing is
incredible! And i know there are many others in chicago who are just as
excited as i am to be in guatemala in september.  Unfortunately, as my
dispatcher, julio stated, not sure how many of the chicago crew will be able
to do the extended trip thatll include racing on the fig eight.  But i'll
try to get a head count of people here who plan on doing it but just havent
registered yet.  Keep your head up, you guys rock my world.

Andrew Nordyke

On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 3:00 PM, Julio Saravia <saravia.julio@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> before you read this know that your work is greatly appreciated.  their is
> no doubt in my mind that guatemala will be memorable and compare to no
> other
> messenger/non-messenger event so far.  good job on organizing this.  i had
> high hopes on going...i was even saving money the minute i learned about
> the
> event being hosted in my parents home country.  unfortunately, some
> unforseen circumstances have popped up and the money i once had saved for
> this special ocassion is no more.  bummer!  i really wanted to be there.  i
> did inform some family/friends in the area to not miss out on it...they'll
> be the ones getting really drunk and talking sh*t to all the gringos...ha!
> im not writting this for sympathy...it is what it is.  im a bit heartbroken
> but im ok with it.
> anywhoo...the main reason im writting this is in referrence to "la ocho".
>  i
> think it's great that you're making this happen but to constantly get on
> messengers for not signing up for this event is a bit much in my honest
> opinion.  i can understand the frustration...you put alot of money and time
> into something and it seems like no one wants to come out and play.  i
> completely get it...now, although cats have known about this for years,
> unforseen circumstances happen.  as we all know...messengers barely make
> loot nowadays and making the hike to guatemala is not an easy task.  i
> understand guatemalans will participate even if they don't have shoes...i
> get that but they also live there.  i know, i know...they barely have loot
> but we can't compare circumstances...thats just silly imo.
> the event in question takes place during the first few days of what you
> have
> planned out.  the main race and open forums take place at the middle and
> end
> of the event.  the whole thing is spread out over a 10 day period.  this
> means...messengers have to put up loot to get there.  put up loot for a
> roof
> and food.  put up loot for registration.  a few other random things and
> throw in not being at work for 8 days(not counting 2 days that would be a
> weekend) thats alot.  im not saying it isn't out of reach but it certainly
> adds up.  as you know...messengers(at least in the u.s.) don't have
> benefits.  they don't have the luxury of getting paid while on vacation(for
> the most part).
> i guess what im getting at...although "la ocho" would be something
> memorable
> and something that only comes around once in a lifetime(?) it may not be a
> top priority for those traveling to guatemala to participate.  maybe most
> messengers going just have enough to race the main event and dip.
> sh*t...not everyone stuck around in tokyo for the final voting at the open
> forum and not everyone stuck around to race the keirin tracks.  lets be
> reasonable about this...if people are talking sh*t...thats one thing.  if
> people are only saying they cant make it to "la ocho"...well, thats another
> and very understandable.  the main race and forums definitely take
> priority...right?
> it is what it is.  again, i would like to say thank you for making this
> happen but don't take anything too personal.  sometimes things just don't
> happen the way you imagine it would.  i am confident you cats will make
> this
> event that people will be talking about for ages...peace.
> el dispatcher and fellow chapino,
> ~julio
> On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 4:05 PM, nadir olivet <wooracer@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > Hey Guys
> >    Last night we had a long meeting discussing the CMWC in Guatemala. One
> > of the main discussions is canceling the Figure eight track. This upsets
> me
> > because I never give up. My store La Carrera cycles is funding this event
> > and Also the CMWC. I have thrown so much money and time into making this
> > happen and only 19 messengers have registered. This fucking sucks!!!! But
> > one thing is for sure La Ocho will be built and I will fill all the spots
> > with my friends that are racers and are not pussies. I keep saying I need
> > racers not tree huggers.     Volcanos, earthquakes, hurricanes will not
> stop
> > me or my crew. I hate people that give up and are constantly criticizing
> > others. If you are that person then stay home and cry to your MAMA. I
> > figured yesterday night while a lay in bed being angry and sad for the
> > people of Guatemala that I can't give up!!! If there is only 100 of us at
> > the event. The one hundred Guatemalans that will be racing will make this
> > event special some so poor that they race bare footed.     Also, please
> do
> > not nominate me for the Marcus Cook award. I know that if Marcus was
> still
> > alive he would be with me shoulder to shoulder making sure that CMWC
> > Guatemala was successful. Thank you.
> > Ps. AZ, Biker Bill, Corrine, Yogi, Manting and Bega. Thanks for being in
> my
> > corner. If you want to see what we are facing check this out. I will be
> > heading to Guatemala next week to see what I can do for the people of
> > Panajachel.
> > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFoF57KX2yU
> > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t100xk59f3I
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