[messengers] the big black bus for your rides or events.

Date: 10 Jun 2010 02:03:38 +0200
From: stefan vis <fishmeisterasd@xxxxxxxxx>

hey girls and guys.

i just want to spam a little info about the big black bus.

in the past months that i have owned this bus it has already seen a bunch
with me behind the wheel.

my intention with the bus was never only trips for my girl and me, but also
to support rides and such. the bus can take op to 40 peoples bags and tents,
unless lightly packed. maybe even more.

so apart from stephs and mine leasure, anyone in the messenger world, but
also hipsters, bands and polo players, can contact me for ride or event

the van can take up to 7 people legally and 8 bikes on the racks and the
trailer, at least 30 messenger bags and sleep material(leave your body bags
at home please),
its got 230 volts to charge your blackberries and i phones, there are 4
permanent beds but it can sleep at least 6, the bed areas are also used for
bag hauling.
we have experience in support rides and we know how to fix bikes and in some
cases we can fix up your knees aswell. and we also have gps to make sure you
dont ride 40 clicks more in case you dont own a iphone.

the van supported in the 24 hour race, and a ride from amsterdam to paris.

the van can be set up as exile checkpoint or start finish or even as edit
room for filmers. its just whatever you plug in.

its a 1973 hanomag henschel f 40 but its mostly known as the mercedes vans
that riot police used. its black and fairly reliable for its age. im working
on ways to get it even more reliable. the only downside is it runs 1-7 on
the highway but on outback roads it will use less but some people have told
me its not even that more polluting than a modern diesel van.

if you ever need a support vehicle in europe with a crew on board who are
bikers by heart, with experience in actually supporting the ride instead of
just carry shit around, send me a mail to fishmeisterasd@xxxxxxxxxx

p.s. we unfortunatly do not sponsor.