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Date: 10 Jun 2010 13:14:48 +0200
From: sinya <sinya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

the Kole's answers:

*NYC out...gotcha. makes it easier. =)*
*@Alias Johnson*
*more than anything, this is meant to be fun, meant to be a celebration of
couriers, by couriers. I would really like to see more media coverage, not
less. As Fish was saying (I think it was Fish), media coverage could go
either way...good or bad. but, we all must admit, we could do with more
coverage, more awareness...more business.
As for sponsorships, I wouldnt want to be inundated with sponsors, but,
really, if, in the end, we helped 25, 50, or 100 couriers get to the worlds
on a blag, why the heck not. I dont really see the need for extensive or
expensive preparations (beyond travel and lodging...and, of course, time
off), just bare bones alley cats...and a party place to finish up in. (which
is where we could make up some of the needed cash...5bucks entry for non
couriers, or whatever)...oh ya, and the buses and plane. =)

But, ya, we will keep brainstorming here in Budapest. Thanks for all your
quick replies. I hope it works out, cuz, really, it would be a blast.
And I like the idea of the Alleycat World Pintglass. =)

Thanks again,

*@** **Michael Dodd*
*perhaps I worded it strangely...its instead, for....not instead of...
I have no plans of trying to pull the community out of Warsaw...The idea was
actually to kind of collect couriers on the way...make the party bigger as
we go, and show up in warsaw in time for the Worlds.
Im sorry if my wording caused any confusion.

@Mr. White
*Essentially, criticizing without offering other options or solutions is
just complaining. The reason we brought this idea to the community was to
make it a community event.
If, out of the whole first draft, all you can find wrong with it is MTV,
then I will take that as a cue that the rest of it seems like a good idea.
And that, to me, sounds promising.

2010/6/10 kole kerr <hysterikole@xxxxxxxxx>

> NYC out...gotcha. makes it easier. =)
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