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Date: 10 Jun 2010 14:27:16 +0200
From: Michael Dodd <mikeydodds@xxxxxxxxx>

Alleycats are underground for a reason, they are illegal.

I also agree with AZ that bigger is not better (especially when it comes to

If you sell alleycats as orienteering events and make them legal then in my
eyes they become relatively lame, boring and not that appealing to sponsors.

My opinion is that closed course races should be live traffic races (but
without automobiles). Closed course races should be multi directional. they
should have intersections and possibly even road rules, you could have right
of way and you could disqualify people who's incompetence causes carnage or
does something of the sort. It could be fairly entertaining and marketable.

If you want to go bigger and mainstream you should not be doing races on
public streets, The last thing the messenger community needs is footage of
some wanker cyclist who thinks he's "badass" nailing a pedestrian or putting
himself under an automobile on mtv.

Other than that i think your onto something with the multi city idea.

We currently have the CMWC, ECMC and the NACCC's, These events could fairly
easily combine into one championship circuit.

What would we need to do that? Someone would need some guidelines, some
money, some power, some authority and some control.

Is that what the community wants?

Currently the IFBMA Mission Statement is only...
1. To ensure the successful realization of an annual Cycle Messenger World
2. To foster a spirit of cooperation and community amongst bicycle
messengers worldwide.
3. To promote the use of pedal power for commercial purposes.

Spare time is hard to come by but if its what the community wants and
somebody wants to put me on their payroll i'll help make it happen.

On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 9:50 PM, stefan vis <fishmeisterasd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> and by the way, my girl and me agree that an alleycat is a spontaneous
> courier event and also one of messenger's many own cultural things. so i
> think its nto good to sell this concept out otherwise it will be controlled
> more and thats not what we should want.
> so if anything is brought to media, it should be, in my eyes, and purely to
> give people the chance to travel for free by sponsorship, held on a closed
> course where we can learn from bmx, skateboard and snowboard events, but
> keep our culture for ourselves.
> you could say it selling out, but if it works it could also be a pay off
> for
> years of hard work on a volunteer base. and its a good platform to show the
> world how we work but in race style and i think it might boost messenger
> economy, which is good for all, for the messenger work but also the
> messengers who went into framebuilding and the few who have a dream about a
> messenger racing carreer...
> if this works the human powered rollercoaster could even come back...
> anyway, i know its nice to see bunch of regular racers compete against
> locals, but thats too scetchy. if all this could result in closing off a
> whole neighborhood in your city, so the racecourse is fairly big, it could
> still be locals against regulars...
> i hope on more comments, also people who are really against any form of
> 'selling out'...
> if this is going to be happening i would like to do it in amsterdam.... but
> also help out with the whole tour if needed.
> fish
> 2010/6/9 stefan vis <fishmeisterasd@xxxxxxxxx>
> > so an alleycat tour? don't you think that would mostly attract non
> couriers
> > who make a sport out of alleycat racing without any traffic experience
> but
> > with a lot of funds and sponsors to buy the tickets from companies who
> > initially weren't interested in sponsoring a messenger because they are
> too
> > hardcore? and also most of the couriers are not interested in
> sponsorships
> > anyway...
> >
> > im all for, but keep in mind that races in live traffic are dangerous(not
> > that i am a pussy or whatever, setting up one of the most dangerous
> events
> > in my carreer... fix rookie exile in paris) and also keep in mind that
> > companies using bikemessengers also watch mtv or eurosport and if those
> > broadcasts have a negative effect on work worldwide and the impression on
> > bikemessengers in general, i would reconsider the set up to smaller scale
> > closed courses of course with my racing system...(hehe) or andy
> zalan's...
> > in that way money's from whatever commercial party are well spend on
> > researching race systems for more interesting and less frustrating races
> to
> > be used as championships, not to mention it getting easier to arrange
> > awesome racesites for the pre events and the championships.
> >
> > kai hawaii, hattara, jenz and me (fish) (and probably others too)have
> been
> > talking about events that are self supporting. in my last talks to
> hattara
> > we came up with a team race system with races that can last up to a
> > workday... in live traffic, otherwise its too boring. downside is what i
> > mentioned above but at the other hand, intesting for television, as the
> > first part of the race will be impossible to follow and the second part
> is a
> > reaal race and you can see people racing eachother (like my
> > championshipconcept). but it takes a huge production with helmetcams and
> > shit. and as i said im not sure if it will put the bikemessenger in a
> > positive light, taken that   messers dont stop for traffic and cameras
> > expose you to the world so also your flaws will show. but it will also
> show
> > the behaviour of other road users and that might work in our favour...
> >
> > anyway in however form it might happen, individual or team, we have the
> > concept and im sure it works...
> > but the racers have to be insured for this and that should come from a
> > sponsor. racers should be real bikemessengers with the right experience,
> and
> > they cannot be drunk during the races. this is bad for how people see us
> and
> > that rep is not very positive, given that sponsors think we are either
> passe
> > or too hardcore. and you might loose work, and not only you but also
> > messengers who have nothing to do with racing or the community.
> >
> > so i would say, closed courses, use the experience and the sponsor
> > opportunities to find awesome spots, include the worlds in the schedule,
> and
> > create races that cannot dissappoint any racer and that are interesting
> to
> > race.
> >
> > i am going to test the preliminairy concept for the warsaw race this juli
> > in rotterdam during the open dutch championships, this is a race using a
> > tested concept but slimmed down in checkpoints but added 2 guerilla races
> > within the race, and i believe these possiblilities are endless, as long
> as
> > you follow the main race concept... i have the chance to test and i know
> it
> > will work...
> >
> > fish.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > 2010/6/9 sinya <sinya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> Those who attended ECMC 2010 Budapest might have heard the organizers
> >> mutter something about how never again will they organize a big scale
> >> messenger event in their city.
> >> Well...
> >>
> >> Instead, for the Warsaw World's next year, I proposed to them the idea
> >> of the WBAB (World's Biggest Alleycat, Bitchezzz!)... The biggest
> >> pre-event ever.
> >> Fortunately, or unfortunately , they happen to like the idea, and
> >> seeing how well they organized ECMC2010, not to mention CMWC2001, I
> >> have all the faith that, if we put our minds to it, it can happen.
> >>
> >> To that end, we present the idea to you, the IFBMA community, so that
> >> you can offer your ideas and insight.
> >>
> >> The original idea was to incorporate a alleycat, comprising
> >> of Montreal, Bordeaux and Budapest, ending in Warsaw in time for the
> >> world event.
> >>
> >> Since then, we have made an interim itinerary hoping to include New
> >> York and/or DC, Ottawa and/or Toronto, Paris, Bordeaux, Geneva, Basel,
> >> Z├╝rich, Salzburg and/or Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava and/or Prague,
> >> maybe Berlin, and of course Warsaw.
> >>
> >> The end result would be... the World's Biggest Alleycat. There would
> >> be an alleycat event in each city with prizes, perhaps, for fastest
> >> local, fastest out of towner, but most importantly, fastest WBABer,
> >> that core group of riders that started the event in Montreal.
> >>
> >> The bigger this idea gets, the more we have need of sponsors, which is
> >> our first big hurdle... (hopefully MTV, or Eurosport 2, or Discovery
> >> can document (i.e. pay) the whole thing). (My first idea was that the
> >> prize in each city would be a working jersey from one of that town's
> >> companies.) Other concerns would be, emergency medical assistance, and
> >> the legality of the courses (especially for the concern of sponsors),
> >> ... And most importantly, logistics... Travel concerns and time
> >> duration. All of these (and more) will have to be worked out. But, it
> >> is an exciting prospect, so I, and the Budapest/Montreal courier
> >> communities present this idea to you.
> >> Bottom line... Whaddayathink?
> >>
> >> Presented by: Kole Kerr, Sinya and 9.81
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