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Date: 11 Jun 2010 10:37:44 +0200
From: Blaize Felberbaum <blaize@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Come on Sinya!!

SIG: gun manufacturer
LEHMANN BROTHER: they're dead for more than a year and responsible for part of the worldwide shit ESSO: Part of the total elf group that polluted half of the atlentic french cost 5 years ago
CITOEN: 5 time, or more, rally world champion

And so on!

When I see a flyer with half of the page filled with sponsors I cant keep my sefl from thinking that some firms are buying my image. And that is no sophisticated joke, it's a sophisticated dick in our ass!!


Le 10 juin 10 à 16:13, sinya a écrit :

If I take a look at he flyer of the Lausanne
GlobalGutz alleycat I would think they sold out the race. Or maybe
it's just a very sophisticated joke that I don't get.

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