[messengers] Cycling banned in Black Hawk, US

Date: 18 Jun 2010 12:23:48 +0200
From: Michael Dodd <mikeydodds@xxxxxxxxx>

you can email them with your disgust at http://www.cityofblackhawk.org/

here's a link to the blog.


"Banned in Black Hawk; bicycles off-limits on most roads in Colorado town

Riding a bicycle is banned on many streets in Black Hawk, Colorado, and
police are enforcing the law by ticketing violators. Eight were nabbed this
past weekend.

The old mining town west of Denver created the bike-free zones in January.

While many cities in Colorado and the US are working to make streets safer
and more accessible to residents who choose bicycles over motor vehicles,
Black Hawk simply made bicycling illegal on most streets.

*Make a choice?*

Black Hawk City Manager Bill Copp told

*"If you go down Main Street there is not much room for a bicyclist, a bus
or a car, a truck. We are trying to promote safety. ... It's a choice. We
made our choice and now the bicyclist needs to make his or her choice."*

  There's really not much of a choice for the bicyclist. Copp said
bicyclists can either dismount and walk through town or ride their bicycles
around it.

Or they can get a ticket. A bicyclist told TheDenverChannel.com that a
policeman issued her a ticket for $68.

In spite of signs posted around town, police still issued 8 tickets this
past weekend alone. The signs are posted on Gregory Street, Main Street,
Richman Street, Mill Street, Miner's Mesa Road, Bobtail Street, and Selak

*Small town; big precedent*

Black Hawk is a small town.
it's 1.46 square miles in size; its population in 2008 was 105, down
11% from the 2000 census. The old mining town makes most of its money off
the tourism trade; it legalized gambling in 1990 and now is home to 16
casinos, according to a list at the city's

In spite of its small size, I wonder if this will set a precedent that other
cities in the state will want to follow.

*Bicycle friendly state*

Generally speaking, Colorado is no bicycling backwater where bicyclists are
victim to reactionary policies. It's ranked 15th on the League of American
Bicyclists list of bicycle-friendly states.

The Colorado statute <http://bicyclecolo.org/page.cfm?pageid=45> governing
use of bicycles on roadways states "every person riding a bicycle shall have
all of the rights and duties applicable to the driver of any other

The Colorado legislature has recently passed a "safe streets for
and the state transporation department has vowed to include
the needs of bicyclists<http://bicyclecolo.org/articles/statewide-bicycle-policy-adopted-pg1067.htm>in
all planning, design and operation decisions. Last summer, the
sign a bill that included several safety measures for


*Bicycle Colorado*

The Bicycle Colorado advocacy group has responded by asking bicyclists to
call or email town officials, donate to legal efforts to prevent the ban
from spreading to other cities in the state, and spreading the word about
the law throughout the social media.

Visit *Bicycle Colorado's advocacy
the Black Hawk case and its Q&A regarding the ban.

*Adventure Cycling Association*

The non-profit that has created some 40,000 miles of mapped bicycle routes
criss-crossing the US reports that Black Hawk is on the route of its Great
Parks South route, Section
are two options for those who do not wish to be charged a $68
bicycle-riding ticket:
Walk your loaded touring bike the 1.5 miles through town (on State Hwy
279/Gregory Street) before remounting your bike for refreshment in either
Central City or Rollinsville.
Detour around the area entirely by using the Berthoud Pass Alternate
bypassing not only Black Hawk but Rocky Mountain National Park.

ACA cartographer Jennifer Milyko makes some positive suggestions on how to
deal with the big picture of a town that makes the mistake of banning
bicycles from its roads. You can read them at "Ban on Bicycling in Black
Hawk, Colorado, Impacts


Bicyclists and Tourist Boycott Black Hawk

Boycott Blackhawk <http://boycott-blackhawk.blogspot.com/> created by Jason
Steele of Denver in reaction to the bicycle ban"