[messengers] Vulnerable Road Users Inquiry.

Date: 23 Jun 2010 12:50:38 +0200
From: Michael Dodd <mikeydodds@xxxxxxxxx>

Vulnerable Road Users (Inquiry)

This inquiry is a current Parliamentary inquiry conducted by the Staysafe
(Road Safety) Committee <http://www.sydneycyclist.com/staysafe>.   Following
on from their recent inquiry into Pedestrian Safety, the Committee has
resolved to conduct an inquiry into vulnerable road users, with particular
regard to motorcycle and bicycle safety.

Self-referred: 17 May 2010
Reports and Government Responses

No records of reports or government responses are available for this
Hearings and Transcripts

No records of hearings or transcripts are available for this inquiry.
Inquiry Terms of Reference

This inquiry was self-referred. Resolution passed 17 May 2010, Minutes No.
34, Item 3, page 1.
That the Committee inquire into and report on vulnerable road users,
specifically motorcycle and bicycle safety, with particular reference to:a)
patterns of motorcycle and bicycle usage in New South Wales;
b) short and long term trends in motorcycle and bicycle injuries and
fatalities across a range of settings, including on-road and off-road uses;
c) underlying factors in motorcycle and bicycle injuries and fatalities;
d) current measures and future strategies to address motorcycle and bicycle
safety, including education, training and assessment programs;
e) the integration of motorcyclists and bicyclists in the planning and
management of the road system in NSW;
f) motorcycle and bicycle safety issues and strategies in other
jurisdictions; and
g) any other related matters.

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