[messengers] This just in! (Finnish and French Championships)

Date: 7 Jul 2010 18:23:33 +0200
From: mikael szafirowski <mikael.szafirowski@xxxxxxxxx>

This just in!

  The finnish goverment, our long time collaborator, has offered us 1(one)
Finnish citizenship to award to all our guests for the French and Finnish
championships. This amazing honor will be determined by the mainrace on
sunday. Since we already have one European champion(Ilona in -97) we can't
really award the funniest or most beautiful courier - it can only be the
fastest one. With your passport, you will automatically qualify to be the
first ever finnish champion. Wau, this is great news! But it's a double
ended sword this one. On one hand, we don't risk bancrupcy as many countries
do at these times, since we lost all our banks already in the mid-nineties
when we devalued our currency and turned the other cheek to the IMF. But
life is hard in Finland, you can hardly travel to messenger events, and when
you do, the cheaper prices for alcohol usually sneak up on you, and you end
up not remembering anything afterwards. But we have a lot of nature to get
out of the rat-race and remember you're not only thighs and calves and your
indexfinger for your radio, you also have a big heart. I personally think
it's a good choice to Finnish, but make sure you don't have too much to
lose(As saturday night will be hard as the race on sunday..) Think wisely,
the offer is on the table. - We also accept dual-citizenship, especially if
your swiss ;)