[messengers] Past CMWC Photos..

Date: 14 Jul 2010 19:13:34 +0200
From: Kevin Sparrow <kevin@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Everyone,

Hi Amy,

We are teaming up with Andy Z. and crew to create a limited edition "History
of CMWC 93-2010" mini magazine for the CMWC in Guatemala. We were wondering
if anyone had any photos of CMWC past you could share for this project?  If
you are familiar with our magazine, you will have an idea of what the final
product will look like. We are going to need help from the entire community
to make this project possible.  So, If you have any photos, know of anyone
with photos, or have any past CMWC products (t-shirts, stickers, etc.) we
would love to hear from you.
Please email us!


Kevin Sparrow
COG Magazine Editor/Ninja