[messengers] paris, warsaw, berlin, aaaaaaaah no potsdam or bust....

Date: 16 Jul 2010 01:50:48 +0200
From: totallymassive@xxxxxxxxxx

so, tomorrow will be a pretty unusual race in berlin, it will be the battle of WANNSEE-SCHLACHTENSEE AND NIKOLASSEE, it is kinda like racin in the country side of jersey...or brixton!? or wot? hellerup?------- but HEY you are still in berlin... race is short, under an hour... lottttttttts of prices, so Berlin wasssup??? so no excuses, cuz berlin couriers always have excuses... anyway, be there at 9pm and i promise you, it will just feel like you are out of town, even if you are in berlin... and afterwards my mannnnnn frosch will take over and host the german  courier champs....http://dmfk2010.de/

so, we will see you at 9pm at the spinnerbr├╝cke, du spinner!!!
and hey, while you are at it... halloween is achtzehn, ja wir sind erwachsen!!! gary, mortimer, kasi and uli will host you for the 18th time, damn it!!! halloweeennn 2010, sunday october 31st, berlin kreuzberg, longest annual running alleycat, we won, pohpophpoh..., we are sooooo workingon  it to make you happy.......moscow, brixton, sao paolo, antiqua, ballerup, lichtenberg, coney island ave, malibu, meguro ku, soi samsen, georgetown, north philly, st.pauli, oooooor wat... see you... berlinmassivewillpayforyourdrugs, maybe,,,,,,?