Re: [messengers] MH4MCA2010!

Date: 19 Jul 2010 04:41:22 +0200
From: Alex Farioletti <>

I second that. Having felt the fury of Morgans angry emails, followed the
wheel, shared many a blunt, bong rip and beer I have to agree that this
cowboy keeps it real.

On Jul 18, 2010 7:35 p.m., "Haywood Djabloumie" <mh4mca2010@xxxxxxxxx>

I'd like to nominate Morgan Hafer as a possible recipient of this year's
Marcus Cook Award.  Morgan's spent over a decade in the tireless effort to
keep the messenger scene real.  And he's done it without worrying about how
many eggs you have to break to make an omelette.

A veteran of DC, Boston, New York (and I think possibly Richmond and Chicago
too), Morgan's been out there, speaking his mind.  And without any fear of
what it might cost him.  Alienating long time friends?  Lost jobs?  Chased
out of town?  Sure.  All to keep it real for the messenger brothers and

While we've all been out there just delivering packages, he's been out there
delivering packages and keeping it real.

In more ways than most would care to admit, Morgan is the single most real
bike messenger in the world.  Failing to honor him by awarding him the MCA
would be a criminal oversight.
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