[messengers] KyotoLOCO 2010

Date: 22 Jul 2010 01:00:14 +0200
From: "Yasuyuki Handa" <handa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello to all !!

This is Yasuyuki Handa from Kyoto.
I will tell you that the date of KyotoLOCO 2010 has fixed
and we decided the program of  this year event.

KyotoLOCO 2010
9th-10th October 2010
Main race (alley cat race), Cargo bike alley cat race, Goldspritnt,
Trackstand Strip, Boxing(Yeah, the real fighting), BBQ, Open forum ....

This year only the bike messengers and ex-messengers can register the event.
truly the event of the messengers, by the messengers, for the messengers.

I am verry sorry that telling you late about it.
But hope to see you in Kyoto.

Yasuyuki Handa
Kyoto Messenger KAZE