Re: [messengers] Bike Messenger: A Job and A Way of Life

Date: 22 Jul 2010 08:39:33 +0200
From: paulus palmqvist <paulus.palmqvist@xxxxxxxxx>

Quite hilarious. We (at least I am) are LOLing here in Helsinki. Nobody
would stand to do this in Helsinki because of the lifestyle. "Lifestyle"
part is visible here only 6-5 months a year (when everybody wants be a
messsenger) and then comes the winter.

Last winter I and my colleagues were at a party and none of us came in on a

This is a job, it's not the crappiest job but also it's not the best job.
There is something in it though because I've been more or less happily stuck
with it for 10 years now. I wouldn't do this if it didn't pay the bills or
bring food to our table.

I would answer brotherhood if somebody asks why. If we didn't have our
community or bonding and you were on your own to bitch and moan about
customers (like in an regular office job maybe) this would so crappy job.

I don't know how many are you there but I graduated from the class of being
messenger first and cyclist later.

Did I make sense?