Re: [messengers] Chicago Bike Messenger receives Workers ’ Compensation Award

Date: 23 Jul 2010 09:11:42 +0200
From: joshua klarer <yartheband@xxxxxxxxx>

HEAR, HEAR!!! Fuck CMS! Have they produced any new bike thieves lately? That's 
all they used to be good for, well, that, and extreme industry 
lo-balling/undercutting and a free cheeseburger on 10/9 day!(not necessarily in 
that order, and the latter not excusing the former. Like they thought it would!) 

Matter fact, that's awesome, F- CMS, F- PHILLIS AT ARROW, F- BASSAM 
& THE APEX TWINZZ, F- DYNAMEX and may all of the BIG DOGS get what they deserve 
for their slave labour! We WORK hard, not GET WORKED hard! 

---Tree-Tree in S.D.

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Katz, Friedman attorneys received a final decision from the
Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission awarding benefits to a Chicago area 
messenger. Chicago Messenger Service claimed that no employer relationship
existed with the bike messenger and denied benefits when the messenger hit a
rock and was knocked from his bicycle injuring his right elbow and shoulder. 

The Chicago Messenger Service also defended the claim stating that the accident
took place after hours and that the messenger had consumed beer. A unanimous
Workers’ Compensation Commission awarded $58,554.83 in medical bills, nearly
forty weeks of temporary total disability benefits and 35% loss of use to the
right arm.

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