[messengers] CMWC Guatemala office closes in Toronto.

Date: 23 Jul 2010 15:47:53 +0200
From: nadir olivet <wooracer@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Holla Amigos
   I would like thank everyone that has registered for the CMWC Guatemala 2010. Our offices at La Carrera cycles will close at 3pm est. time today. Its and amazing opportunity for me to work with such and amazing team. This are our community leaders that do things for the spirit of competition and community. Andy Zalan you are a great friend and a bad ass messenger!!! Bega, you been there since 2004 believing in racing in Guatemala thank you. You never given up on the event and the team. Biker Bill and Corrine thanks for donating your time and your experience to make Guatemala happen. Shane you are my little brother love ya kid!!!!     OK, no more crying Bega! I know you are very sensitive and cry allot at night. But to get serious guys. Now that registration will close in Toronto, please register online. Get in Contact with Shawn Bega to register, book housing and register for shuttle service. Bega is head of Registration, housing and shuttles so I can't help you. You need to talk with Bega he is the departmental director.     Scott Free will be directing a small art show for the kids and the people of Panajachel. So if you have some art supplies that you will donate or shoes or cloths. Please contact us at registration. Thanks Free.     Now what can I say about the New York and Zurich crew. You always there for me. You always have a place for me to crash, you feed me and cloth me and support my crazy events. Love ya guys!!! This is a dream to bring the CMWC to Latin America, Thank you.      I would also like to thank the critics like Mark Haywood from Toronto for criticizing us for having the CMWC in Guatemala. Buddy, guys like you motivate me everyday to make things happen. So, I thank you. Then, you have the real OG's like FUTURA 2000 that are coming to Guatemala to be part of the CMWC. Wow, what can I say but Futura you are the Ghost Rider.     To all of our sponsors and friends and family may the wind be always at your back and we wish the best for your company's and your families.
Nadir OlivetCMWC 2010Jefe de Jefesnadir@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PS. CMWC offices open in Panajachel Agust 2 at 1pm. Nos Vemos en Panajachel, Solola, Guatemala
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