[messengers] What are your stories of accidents, altercations and or close calls.

Date: 23 Jul 2010 21:29:12 +0200
From: Michael Dodd <mikeydodds@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi guys, I've spent the last couple of months working on a submission for
the staysafe enquiry in regards to vulnerable road users.

After attending a seminar last night it has become clear that real life
stories of close calls or incidents created by incompetent or aggressive
motorists and even accidents that have been caused by mistakes of your own
are valid parts of this submission (lets face it everyone makes mistakes).

Please share some of your stories either on or off list along with your name
and city so that we can have a good yarn and put in a great submission.

I'll break the ice with one.

This monday just gone.

Was cycling down Elizabeth street in Sydney when a car that was double
parked on the footpath decided to do a burnout onto the road into my path,
he did not signal or look properly so got a little frightened when he
finally noticed me taking evasive action. He quickly slammed on the brakes,
In 10-15metres time i had to pick a package up so i used a hand signal to
make my intentions clear that i "technically" had right of way and needed to
pull over in front of him. He floored his motor vehicle in an attempt to
bully me out of the way (and dodge the parked cars that were in his lane up
ahead). As he tried to force his way past me my reflexes got the better of
me and i took a left handed (opposite hand) swipe at his wing mirror.
Reacting to his broken mirror he slammed on his brakes, I put in a sprint as
he accelerated and swerved at me. As my heart fluttered a little i cut
across in front of him, jumped the kerb and pulled into my building (which
is although a thoroughfare/escape route from crazy motorists.) He proceeded
to yell out a comment about my sexuality and burnt off. It all happened so
fast, i did not have time to think, my retaliation was nothing more than a
reflex. He is a car courier; I know have to keep my eyes open and wonder
when i will run into that bloke again (hopefully i see him before he sees

Can you please share some of your stories?

The deadline for the submission is 4th of August.